A Slovakian Riesling from the No.1 German winemaker - Egon Muller Château Belá has a long standing wine making history. An old residence of the Ullmann family. Castle is located in Southern Slovakia wine growing area, near the Slovak-Hungarian border. Today these fine wines are produced in cooperation with the No.1 German winemaker - Egon Müller and Miroslav Petrech, both celebrated winemakers from Germany and the Slovak Republic. Château Bela belongs to Štúrovo region, which lies in the eastern part of Southern Slovakia wine growing area. The wines from Chateau Bela can be compared to the great Auslese wines of Germany. Egon Muller has discovered the potential of wines area in Slovakia and makes a dry Riesling which objective is to challenge the best Rieslings from Austria and the Alsace region.
Chateau Bela (Egon Muller), Sturovo Riesling
HK$ 260.0
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